The Staff

Managing a business requires a skilled group of workers, all working in sync. To meet our strict staff demands, we just built them ourselves. Looking for a specific profile? Check them out below or simply build your own.

  • Clint
    Head of signalisation

    What's in a name? Clint is tough, adamant and highly efficient. He's the flawless liaison between Sabam and their foreign counterparts. Whenever your favourite band is going on tour, Clint makes sure they get paid for it. Keep it going buddy!

    Client: Sabam

  • Winona

    “Leading lady of audiovisual copyright payments” might not be the sexiest title to earn, but Winona’s damn proud of it. By analyzing and actively researching copyright, she’s made sure our Belgian film and TV producers have been getting paid to the last penny. She’s also single-handedly responsible for processing every requested ISAN code (a unique identifier for audiovisual content) in Belgium.

    Clients: Procibel, BE-Isan

  • Your new robot
    Whatever you need!

    Create your own digital worker today! If you still have some questions or if you are interested in a free demo, just contact us!

    Try it out!
  • Jeremy Deceuster
    Jeremy Deceuster

    One of the two solid pillars of our IT department. Jeremy studied Applied Linguistics at University but found his true calling in IT. After two years of self-schooling, this whiz kid is already playing in the Premier League of development. You name it, he builds it. Not convinced yet? A 2020 Brussels’ poll named him most likeable dude in town. And who are we to contradict those 4 survey respondents?

    Clients: Mobile Vikings, Procibel, DPG Media,…

  • Django
    All-round servant

    When you’ve got the power to create bots, you’d be stupid not to build your own, right? Django is our in-house errand boy; preparing demos, processing invoices, suggesting new recruitable profiles. Still waiting for him to grow legs and fetch our coffees. Oh well, can’t have it all.

    Client: Smartstaff

  • Cristian Roja
    Cristian Roja

    As half of Smartstaffs unbeatable IT twosome, Cristian is inevitable when you need some custom coding done. After years of scouting, this wizard is undoubtedly our top transfer when it comes to development and all-round niceness. Cool as a Romanian cucumber, reliable as hell. When you hire Cristian you get zero fuss and maximum results.

    Clients: Sabam, Procibel

  • Scarlett
    Accountant, Data Analyst

    The ravishing Scarlett has been facilitating life at BAVP for over 2 years now. By analyzing and actively researching copyrights, she’s made sure our Belgian film and TV producers have been getting paid to the last penny.

    Client: BAVP

  • Gregory Wirix
    Project manager
    Gregory Wirix

    If you made it to this website, chances are you’ve already met him. Mr. Wirix is about as passionate as they come, always selling you new ideas, without you even noticing it. Creative mastermind and sales rep with a hawkeyed analysis that’s bound to make you reconsider every choice you ever made. Greg is not only our most trusted project manager, he is the heavily bearded face of the company.

    Clients: BAVP, Procibel, DPG Media

  • Fons Robotson
    Data Analyst
    Fons Robotson

    His junior months were spent collecting and entering data but as his skillset grew, he became indispensable in analyzing incoming invoices at DPG Media and processing orders for Mobile Vikings. Without Fons, you wouldn’t even get your TV or phone bills. Don’t hate the guy, he’s only doing his job.

    Clients: DPG Media, Mobile Vikings