Create your perfect digital teammate.

SmartStaff is here to ensure that your team reaches its full potential and doesn't have to worry about repetitive tasks. Your new digital teammate will take care of that!
Create your digital teammate

Help your workers focus on what they do best.

Every employee has those tasks... 

You know you need to do them, tasks that are necessary but are actually distracting. It's time to focus back on the essence of your job description.
Outsource the repetitive stuff to your digital teammate and...
Have a happy team.
Get more work done.
Earn more money.
Stay ahead of your competition.

Your ideal employee.

Your customized digital teammate executes repetitive processes to perfection, without ever needing a raise. It does not need a break or vacation. It just loves performing, 24/7, at lightning speed.
Ideal for any department.
Show us a process, and we WILL automate it. No matter how complex or simple.
Permanently available.
Your new co-worker doesn't need to take a break, ever. 
Tailor-made by you!
We don't hold all the answers. You do. Generating your custom SmartStaff is just a few clicks away.
Faster than fast.
Be amazed at the speed your co-worker performs its tasks. It's truly incredible.

How does this work?



Always wanted to be able to create your own staff members? In our generator tool you can pick the name, skills and look of your new digital teammate! The future is now!
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Now it is time to get to know ‘the candidate’ in person and see with your own eyes what he or she can do for you. Already convinced? You can just skip the creator and immediately invite us for a free demo!
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Just like sending your staff to conferences and workshops, you can let your digital co-worker learn new skills and bear more responsibilities.  
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Want your own digital teammate?

Create your own digital teammate right here, right now! If you still have some questions or if you are interested in a free demo, just contact us! And we’ll get back at you as soon as possible.

Get your own digital teammate.

We are here to ensure that your team reaches its full potential and don't have to worry about repetitive tasks. 
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