Meet the Smartstaff!

Managing a business requires a skilled group of workers, all working in sync. We have strict demands for our staff so we just built them ourselves. You could too, with our handy generator.
Bobette Bottens
Building your staff requires developers, we found ours through Bobette Bottens.
In service since: 
- March 2019 -
Bobby Botson
Account Receivable
Manages our invoices according to the art of the trade.
In service since: 
- March 2019 -
Bobientje Bot
Customer Service
All client tickets are screened by Bobientje and then served to the right developer for fast customer service.
In service since: 
- March 2019 -

Digital Worker of the month

Fons Robotson 
All-round worker
Serving as the perfect example of the power of a digital worker. Fons has outgrown all our clients expectations. His junior months were spent collecting and entering data, helping with the monthly closing but as his skillset grew, he became an indispensable part of the team.
His job now, among others, include analysing and processing incoming invoices, which helped us re-focus our staff on what they do best, making decisions!
Currently working 
at DPG Media
Working since June 2018, Fons helps DPG Media with various task including invoicing, IT stuff and other things...

The opinion of DPG Media

We just absolutely love working with Fons. Since we have him on the team we are so much more efficient! He really belongs with us and we cannot imagine a workplace without him anymore!
— Anke Vandenhouwe, Finance manager at DPG Media, 2019
Team rating
Administrative Help
Allocating rights for a Holding Company knows no secret for Scarlett. She reads, interprets and processes new applications without stressing out.
What a girl!
In service since: 
- March 2019 -
Bobby, The Robot
Data Analyst
For another undisclosed company (Bobby doesn’t care who he works for), he collects and interprets data from different sources.
He creates detailed reports for the entire company, without breaking a sweat.
In service since: 
- March 2019 -
Cutie McBobson
Personal Assistant
Ever wanted a personal assistant, but don't have the budget?
Our Cutie helps you focus on what you do best, being productive.
She helps out with your calendar, bookings, emails, you name it…
In service since: 
- March 2019 -

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