23 November 2021 Smartstaff teams up with Robocorp (US)

Smartstaff teams up with Robocorp (US)

As you all know, Smartstaff is all about democratizing RPA solutions. We want to bring automation to every business, no matter how small, no matter the industry they’re in. To do so we found the perfect partner in the US. Robocorp is the name, customizable and affordable RPA their game.

The Californian start-up turns our ideals into reality, by delivering reliable and extensible building blocks, excellent support and borderless enthusiasm. They are without any doubt the hottest new RPA kid in town and we’re proud to be their first certified Belgian partner.

Although you might never actually notice the Robocorp involvement upon hiring one of our digital workers, just know you wouldn’t be able to customize or even afford your bot without the trailblazing work these guys have delivered. Here’s to a long and prolific partnership!

Check out Robocorp on their website, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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