The Mission

Let’s call a spade a shovel, we started Smartstaff to make an honest living. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make this world a slightly better place. We know, robots and automation don’t immediately bring up kumbaya ideas of a brighter future. And yet that is exactly what they could mean.

Because boredom kills

You would be genuinely shocked to learn just how many people spend their days copying data from one sheet to another, uploading documents or merging Excel files. Being bored 2000 hours per year, for over 40 years, is just a waste of human potential. No wonder 1 out of 6 workers suffer from burn-out symptoms (1) .

Enter Smartstaff. Our employees can take over any computer-based task a human was sentenced to do, without ever taking a break (or a weekend for that matter), and do so without any margin for error. In the meantime, your current staff can reschool itself and find out what they’re actually good at, or – even better- what they’d like to do. Work efficiency up, worker happiness up. Win-win.

Because money does matter

A manager’s job might seem shiny and bright from the outside, very often they’re walking a tightrope between their employees’ happiness and their business’ financial stability, especially in these challenging (post-)pandemic days. A choice no one should have to make. Thanks to Smartstaff, that choice belongs to the past. A digital worker costs way less than a human employee, while doing the work significantly quicker, more precise and 24/7. This means your company could be saving tens of thousands of euros per year.

Because 70.000

70.000. Vacancies. In Flanders alone (2). Never before have there been that many vacancies, simply too much for humans to fill in. That’s where we come in. Smartstaff can easily provide many companies that are desperately looking for workers with their long-awaited new accountant, secretary or HR-officer.

Because the future started yesterday

Last but not least, the switch to digital is inevitable. Ever used voice command to purposely crash your car into your nemesis, used Bitcoin to hire a stripper-clown or programmed your microwave to self-destruct after heating up your ravioli? We neither, but it’s technically possible.

Our point is, the technology is here, now. Why postpone your business automation when you could make the switch today? People will keep looking for an improved quality of life. Managers will keep looking for the most cost-efficient solutions. Needs that can only be filled by automation, which is now easily available, not just for big tech companies or multinationals, but for everyone. Hop aboard. Improve lives. Save money. Smartstaff is here to help.

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(1) KUL research 2019. Source.

(2) Steunpunt Werk publication 8/10/2021. Source.