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Meet the team!

  • Django
    All-round servant

    When you’ve got the power to create bots, you’d be stupid not to build your own, right? Django is our in-house errand boy; preparing demos, processing invoices, suggesting new recruitable profiles. Still waiting for him to grow legs and fetch our coffees. Oh well, can’t have it all.

  • Winona

    “Leading lady of audiovisual copyright payments” might not be the sexiest title to earn, but Winona’s damn proud of it. By analyzing and actively researching copyright, she’s made sure our Belgian film and TV producers have been getting paid to the last penny. She’s also single-handedly responsible for processing every requested ISAN code (a unique identifier for audiovisual content) in Belgium.
    Client: Procibel, BE-Isan

  • Your new robot
    Whatever you need!

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Digital worker of the month

Fons Robotson

Data Analyst

His junior months were spent collecting and entering data but as his skillset grew, he became indispensable in analyzing incoming invoices at DPG Media and processing orders for Mobile Vikings. Without Fons, you wouldn’t even get your TV or phone bills. Don’t hate the guy, he’s only doing his job.
Clients: DPG Media, Mobile Vikings

We just absolutely love working with Fons. Since we have him on the team we are so much more efficient! He really belongs with us and we cannot imagine a workplace without him anymore!

Anke Vandenhouwe
Finance manager at DPG Media, 2019

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